CGMA - Japanese Environment
CGMA - Japanese Environment

I took a 7 week class at CGMA to improve on my vegetation game modelling and scene development in Unreal Engine 4. Jeremy Huxley was the professor and I learned so much from him in such a short period of time. I finished the class with most of my vegetation/layout complete. In addition to the class I added more vegetation and the hard surface assets. I was able to learn Substance Designer/Alchemist on a more deeper level. I rendered this with ray-tracing in UE4 which was great to learn.

Everything is game ready and created by me.
Hope you enjoy, welcome to any feedback!

I will do another post with asset breakdown (wireframes/polycount/hp).

Skills used:
Maya - Modelling
Zbrush - High poly sculpting/texturing (some vegetation)
Substance Designer - Material creation (bark, dirt, rock)
Substance Alchemist - Material creation (wet mud)
Substance Painter - texturing of hard surface assets and some vegetation
Unreal Engine 4 - raytracing, scene layout, and advanced master materials

Link to class:
Link to Jeremy Huxley Artstation:

More artwork
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