Adobe - The Art of 3D Insects
Adobe - The Art of 3D Insects

Another great partnership with Artstation and the Natural History Museum of London. This time we provided insects for the Artstation challenge in which the museum chose some insects from their collection for the challenger to use for their render. This time however, I was one of the judges on the competition and I had so much fun seeing all the incredible artworks that came out of it.

My role:
I was the lead 3D artist/outsource artist that provided technical and aesthetic feedback to our external vendor for the modelling and texturing of the insects. Whenever it was needed I adjusted and optimized the model for use in Dimension and made any final texture changes as well (mostly regarding the transparent wing textures).

Once the models were complete we coordinated with Artstation and the challenge commenced. Afterwards we got a narrowed list of artworks that met the judging criteria in which I and the other judge narrowed down to the winners of the competition. It was a great experience and a lot of fun in the process.

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More artwork
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